Corporate Photography for World Wildlife Fund in Boston MA, State Room

This week was a corporate event photography fund raising event to Save the Tigers through the World Wildlife Fund in Boston Ma at at the State Room. The goal of the WWF is to gain partners to play a crucial role in their conservation efforts to protect the Tigers. WWF partners with communities and grassroots groups which are powerful allies in the effort to stop poaching and to resolve issues such as land management and human-wildlife conflict. WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is the only global conservation organization with tiger conservation programs in nearly every country where wild tigers still exist – Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam.

This meeting was very educational and truly gave a clear understanding of the help they need for this great cause.

Editorial Style Photography for your Wedding Day Starts with your Engagement

Every bride and groom wants editorial style photography that is telling the story of their wedding. Why not start off with your Engagement and document the start of your journey as husband and wife. Getting engaged is a once in a life-time experience and should be taken as seriously as the wedding day. So much fun going to Central Park and photographing this adorable couple.  It is a magical moment and a great way to remember every detail.

I get so thrilled and excited when I witness my brides and grooms engagements, wedding day and then them having children and growing families.  I get to see their stories unfold right in front of my camera.  There is no better job in the world than being a photographer…

Editorial Style Photography

Editorial Style Photography

Engagement Session NYC Central Park


NYC Engagement Photography Session Central Park

Engagement Session NYC Central Park

Editorial Style Photography

Editorial Style Photography

Top 3 Reasons you Want to Hire Relive Photography by Laura Parent

Are you Engaged to be Married? Do you want an Award Winning Photographer for your big day?

**Top 3 Reasons you WANT to hire Relive Photography**

1. You want to hire a photographer that is a true professional.

2. You want to invest in your photography for your wedding day and take no chances in capturing a once in a lifetime photo opportunity.

3. You want to have a great personal connection with your photographer on your wedding day and feel 100% relaxed and comfortable.

What can you do next to find out if we are a good match?
View our new “GET TO KNOW ME” video and meet Laura Parent of Relive Photography.

Then **Call 800-806-1467** and speak with Laura to Book Your Wedding or Event.
Of course you should also take a look at our galleries as well at our Relive Photography Gallery Page.

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Runaway Bride Destinations Weddings Interview – Amazing Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Runaway Bride Destinations Weddings Interview – Amazing Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding 

In my interview with Kimberly Richmond of Runaway Bride Destination Weddings, I asked some key questions to help our clients work with an Event Planner for a magnificent wedding away from home.  This is a must read if plan to have a destination wedding and want to do it right.

Kimberly Richmond Runaway Bride Destination Weddings

Kimberly Richmond Runaway Bride Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding Location Images

Destination Wedding Location Images


I would say the #1 advantage to having a Destination Wedding is that it actually ends up being cheaper than having a wedding at home. This is always something that surprises a lot of people. not only do you inevitably cut down on the guest list, but vendors tend to be less expensive in destinations such as Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Another huge benefit of having a Destination Wedding is that you get to spend more time with your family and friends. Guests will usually make a mini vacation out of it, so this means that you get to spend 3- 4 days with your guests as opposed to the few hours that a typical wedding reception at home would last.  A Destination Wedding is an entire experience for everyone. It  involves much more than just the wedding day. Picture having your closest friends and family to share this special time in your life with you while enjoying the beauty of whatever exotic setting you’ve selected. everybody is happy!


Wow this is a tough one – so many amazing places come to mind! one of the hottest destinations to get married in 2012 is Belize. This is an english speaking nation that is easy to get to, yet it’s such an exotic destination- you feel like you’re on the other side of the world. You’ve got rain forests, unbelievable beaches, the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and the mysticism of the mayan culture. Not only is it a very spiritual destination to get married in, but it’s perfect for adventure seekers.

Luxury Destination Wedding Bride and Groom

Luxury Destination Wedding Bride and Groom

Another amazing location is panama- believe it or not. Not a lot of people know much about this fascinating country besides it’s well known canal.  You’ve got panama city  which is an impressive, cosmopolitan metropolis- and the area to check out here is the historic ‘Casco Viejo’ region. it’s the old quarter of the city- reminiscent of Havana and is teeming with adorable  boutique hotels. a personal favorite of mine is six-room property las Clementinas– simply charming! and then you have the 1,500 islands that make up the rest of Panama- including my top picks: Bocas Del Toro and the San Blas Islands.

The Mexican Riviera Maya has continued to remain at the top of the list popular for its beautiful powdery, white sand beaches, turquoise Caribbean waters and warmth of the Mexican people. While the area is well known for it’s larger all-inclusive properties, there are so many smaller, more intimate boutique hotels that are just begging to be discovered. I absolutely adore the magic of Maroma Resort & Spa, set in a jungle alongside the beach. you feel “ZEN” just by walking through the door!

Another big one for 2012 is  London. London’s popularity is at an all time high thanks to the Royal Wedding last year, this years Summer Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. a popular trend with a lot of the brides that I’m working with is that of getting married in a castle. there are so many old castles in the U.K. that lend themselves beautifully to Royal Wedding affairs- that the hardest part is narrowing it down!

And last, but certainly not least would be the amazing Islands of Turks & Caicos. Turks is made up of 40 islands, of which only eight are inhabited. It’s literally the perfect place to go to and feel like you’ve “run away” to a deserted island. To me, this destination is the epitome of romance. You have spectacular beaches- which is what attracts a lot of couples to this destination. It’s the ideal spot to have a barefoot wedding on the beach at sunset. You have a variety of hotel options here from the all-inclusive Sandals Resort to smaller, more intimate properties and villas.


An Event Planner is truly an invaluable resource for a couple – especially when planning a destination wedding. Planning a regular wedding can be a daunting task, but planning a destination wedding takes it to another level. You have to  factor in possible language barriers, different time zones, unknown cultures & customs of the destination, legalities of getting married outside of the u.s., etc. Hiring an expert planner is going to eliminate a lot of the stress that goes along with the planning, but it can also save couples money in the end. Event Planners know these destinations well and have relationships with the hotels and the vendors down there. They are going to be able to guide couples towards reputable vendors and a lot of times able to secure preferred rates because of their relationships with these vendors. Likewise with the hotel selection. The Event Planner is going to be able to assist the couple with the hotel selection based upon their needs and can negotiate a room block and other perks at the property that the couple might not necessarily be able to get on their own. Overall, hiring a Wedding Planner to help couples navigate through all of these details is well worth it!

Elegant Weddings Destination Locations

Elegant Weddings Destination Locations


There are so many advantages to bringing a Photographer with you rather than working with a local one at the destination. I truly think (and i’m sure you would agree)- that the photography is probably one of the most important elements of the wedding. It is so important to do your research when hiring a photographer and a lot of times people don’t think about this. A huge advantage of bringing a Photographer with you VS. hiring one locally is that you have the time and ability to sit and meet with numerous photographers and get a feel for their work.  You’re not basing your decision off of what you see on a website or emails and phone conversations that you’re having. Working with a Photographer in your area enables you to meet with them in person, perhaps have them set up a “test shoot” so you can experience their work and build that relationship with them. It’s also a huge advantage post wedding because you can sit down with them to review the photos, make your selections, edits, etc. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that a Destination Wedding lasts several days and you want all of those moments to be captured. You want to have your Photographer with you for the welcome cocktail, snorkeling trip, golf excursion, etc. in the end- i find that it ends up being much more cost effective to bring down your own Photographer and have all of your special moments captured.


One of the biggest trends i’m seeing these days (especially with destination weddings) is that of the non-traditional Wedding Cake. I’m seeing a lot of cake pops, which are basically cake lollipops. Such a fun idea! Another cute idea is that of the cupcake wedding cake. I’m finding that a lot of couples are steering away from the whole cake cutting tradition and the cake pops or cupcakes are a fun, easy, sweet ending to a wedding that people really get into. Candy bars are big too– it’s so much fun to set up a candy bar, give people “to go” baggies and let them fill them up with a variety of sweets. I try to incorporate as much of the culture into this trend which makes it that much more fun. For example, if we’re doing a wedding in mexico- we will throw in some spiced mango candy or chili lollipops- people love this.

Another interesting trend is that of mismatched bridesmaids dresses and incorporating a variety of colors into the wedding (think rainbow bright!) people are having rainbow-inspired weddings– from the flowers to the bridesmaids dresses to the groomsmen’s ties- totally non traditional. This trend definitely isn’t for everyone, but done the right way can be a chic and unique way of incorporating some fun, colorful elements into your soiree.


I would say the biggest piece of advice i can offer is to plan early and give your guests plenty of advance notice! most people are happy to travel to a far flung destination to celebrate your nuptials and many will turn it into a mini vacation, but they need time to plan and save. A wedding website is the perfect place to outline travel details and the schedule of events for the weekend. again- you want to provide your guests with as much information as possible.

The ideal situation is to set up a group room block at one hotel so that everyone is under one roof. the couple will typically host a welcome cocktail for everyone the first night and this is just a nice way for everyone to get to know each other. There are no set rules at all, but many couples will also organize a fun group activity- be it a snorkeling trip, golf outing for the guys, spa day for the ladies, etc. it’s just another nice “touch” and opportunity to do something fun with your friends and family that have traveled to be there on your special day.


Caribbean Islands Weddings

Caribbean Islands Weddings

When you have a destination wedding, you are immediately cutting down the size of your guest list. This can be both good and bad thing.  The obvious positive of this is that by cutting down on the number of people that will be attending,  You’re cutting down on the total cost of the wedding. You’re also eliminating the dilema of having to invite your co-worker, 3rd cousin twice removed or kindergarden friend who you haven’t spoken to in 25 years! When you have a destination wedding- only the people that you truly want to be there will be there. On the flip side, a destination wedding can be hard for elderly relatives to get to.  This is definitely something to keep in mind when deciding if a wedding abroad is the right choice for you. If you’re lucky enough to have living grandparents- then you most likely are going to want them there on your special day. Depending on the destination you chose- it might not be that easy for them to travel down there for it. The legalities of getting married outside of the U.S. is another thing to keep in mind. Rules are different and depending on the country, there can be a lot of time, research and paperwork involved. An easy (and popular) solution for this is to have the couple legally get married in the U.S. and have the symbolic or religious ceremony abroad. Bottom line- it comes down to the individual couple as to whether having a destination wedding is the thing to do. Every couple is different and the location of their wedding should be a reflection of their personalities.


Runway Bride is a boutique company that specializes in unique destinations and exotic hideaways. While our key destinations are in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean- we work with boutique properties all over the world- including destinations in the U.S. We’ve scoured the globe and have hand picked what we call our “hidden gems“. We know the destinations that we represent intimately and have stellar relationships with the vendors and properties that we represent.

We differ from Wedding Planners that can be hired at the destination in that we are local and as such, have the capability to meet with our couples in person throughout the wedding planning process.  This is something that is so important to us as we pride ourselves taking a very personalized approach with the couples that we work with.

Again- being local, there are no language barriers, no long distance communication, no stress.  We have an experienced, bilingual staff and offer a variety of services from basic destination selection to doing everything including on-site coordination day of the wedding.

At the end of the day, our goal is to help our couples find the perfect destination that suits their personalities and make their experience as fun as possible.


Style Me Pretty featuring Photography by Relive Photography by Laura Parent

Relive Photography was featured in Style Me Pretty and could not be more excited.  Here is what they said “When you pair a seriously stylish Bride, Longwood Events and the beautiful venue that is State Room – you are bound to get a wedding that will wow. And this wedding WOWS. From the gorgeous couple to the gorgeous views and all the details in between – Relive Photography captured all the details planned to perfection by this gorgeous new Mrs. which makes for a gallery that could not be more beautiful.”

From Taylor of Longwood Events… Kristin and Scott were married at The State Room in downtown Boston this past September. Every detail of the day was designed and executed by the beautiful bride. She had a hand in the invitation suite, all of the decor, even the custom cookie favors, and no detail was left behind. The ceremony was an intimate candlelit service for fifty close friends and family. The beautiful music selections and heartfelt vows left not a dry eye in the crowd. The space was transformed with vibrant yellow kissing ball chair decor and a rustic ceremony arch with a stunning view of the city of Boston as the backdrop.

Working with Kristin and Scott over the year to plan their wedding showed us what an amazing couple they were. They incorporated their love of tapas into a customized menu for their guests that lent itself well to the rustic dinner party theme. The layout of long communal tables was a wonderful use of the modern space and gave them the intimate feel they were looking for. Her florals carried through her vintage theme with simple, tailored bouquets and various sizes of milk glass centerpieces on the guest tables. The entire day was a wonderful celebration of a beautiful couple!

Wedding Photography: Relive Photography / Wedding Venue + Catering: State Room via Longwood Events in Boston, Massachusetts / Floral Design + Decor: Michele Bernard / Accommodations: Ames Hotel / Wedding Dress: J.Crew

Relive Photography – St. Patrick’s Day Baby Baptism

This beautiful baby had been surrounded by a wonderful loving family on St. Patricks Day for his baptism.  His little brother was so proud to be there that he brought gifts in a bag which he so sweetly expressed “they were gifts to show to Jesus”.  My heart melted being able to capture the photography of this warm family.  This baby was so attentive and his eyes were really following what was going on.  He was simply amazing and sweet.  I especially loved his grandpa holding is little hands and talking to him.  Take a look at some of the images from this beautiful ceremony and celebration.  I loved this day…


Baby Baptism by Relive Photography

Baby Baptism by Relive Photography

Family photography

Relive Photography Family Images

Relive Photography Offers Bridal Registry and Gift Registry

You have too many pots and pans?  Your grandmother handed down her fine china to you?  You already live together as a couple and have EVERYTHING you could ask for?  What do I tell my friends and family when they ask the big question?  Where are you registered?

On my wedding day I truly did not know what to do about a bridal registry.  Everyone asked and I had no answers.  After my own wedding had given me so much experience in finding great ideas and tips, here is one.   Choose Relive Photography as your wedding photographer and you can take advantage of our Bridal Registry.  We make it really easy for your gift givers to go online and securely purchase a gift certificate towards your photography package or products (ie. albums, prints, thank you cards, canvas prints, digital downloads, custom products and more) allowing you to get everything you want from your photography.

Relive Photography Bridal Shower Photography

Relive Photography Bridal Shower Photography

Why does this work so well?  Because you have the ability to offer your guests a way of purchasing a gift for you that is of sentiment.

Help! I registered for some really cool stuff, but now I’m not sure where to put that information on our invitations. Where do I list the stores where we’re registered?
Honestly? You don’t. While it has become somewhat commonplace to see this as part of the invitation package, etiquette says it is not acceptable. It may seem as though it is helpful info, but it appears as though you are saying, “Come to my wedding, bring a gift, and, oh, by the way, here’s where you can get it.” Keep the focus on what this day is all about: your wedding, not the gifts.

Instead, you could build a wedding website and include that sort of info there. Also, make sure your close family members (who will be asked) know where you are registered. They can tactfully pass along the info to those who request it.

What about the shower invitation, you ask? Well, that’s a different story. The purpose of that particular event is to “shower you with gifts,” so by all means, include all of that information in the shower invitation.  That is why Relive Photography understands how exciting the bridal shower is and offers your closest friends and family the option of purchasing gift certificates toward your photography products and packages.


Our Interview with Allure Invitations – Why the Savvy Bride Chooses Allure Invitations for Luxury Wedding Stationary

Relive Photography by Laura Parent has worked with Allure Invitations to provide our mutual clients with Luxury Invitations that our couples so desperately needed.  Mara of Allure Invitations treat each couple with personalized care and attention and I am always 100% confident that my clients will love her services.  Together we have created some very clever ways to incorporate Photography with Wedding Stationary.  We have some amazing and clever tips to guide our brides in a new and refreshing invitations, favor tags, menu’s, programs, etc.  If that sounds exciting to you, Contact Allure Invitations and Relive Photography to start the process.  You will be so excited to get in on the fabulousness!

I have also included a recent interview with Mara Weiner of Allure Invitations that you must read.

Why the Savvy Bride Chooses Allure Invitations

#1   The savvy bride knows its best to work with the experts.

At Allure Invitations, we LOVE wedding invitations. It’s what we do everyday, and we do it very well.

The world of wedding invitations and wedding etiquette is foreign to most people – and why shouldn’t it be? Given that you’ll likely only do this once, there’s no need to study up on all of the various printing methods, or the many rules and requirements of etiquette to be sure that you don’t commit any embarrassing faux pas or offend any guests. We are experts in invitations, and it’s our pleasure to walk you through the process and create an invitation all of your friends and family will be WOWed by.

#2  The savvy bride loves to be treated special and unique.

Our reputation is built on providing friendly, personalized service that is second to none. We listen to what you like and want, and help you to make that a reality.

For us, helping to create your wedding invitation is not a transaction – it’s the beginning of a relationship. We feel very fortunate to count the brides we’ve helped as our friends.

We love what we do and we have fun doing it. Why shouldn’t you have fun planning your day?

#3  The savvy bride knows 100% money back guarantee = 100% worry-free

If for any reason your invitations are not produced as ordered, they will be fixed. If the problem can not be fixed for some reason, we will take back the invitations and refund your money in full.

We are your front line for resolving any issues that may arise through the process. In fact, in the occasional instance when we have had an order come in wrong, we have had the issue resolved and the order reproduced without the customer even realizing there was ever an issue.

We are FANATICS about details, and you have enough to worry about. Let us handle the troubleshooting for you – that’s what we’re here for!

#4  The savvy bride wants high quality options and styles.

Mara Weiner, owner of Allure Invitations, selects only the newest and highest quality designs, consistently updating what she can offer her clients. She has built strong relationships with many of the top manufacturers over the years, and customer service is second to none.

Based on your preferences, Mara will guide you to exactly the right look; your time is too valuable to waste looking at invitations that don’t fit your needs.

#5   The savvy bride wants invitations that will fit her budget.

We will never be the low-price leader, nor do we aspire to be – we don’t care to be in a race to the bottom. If your first question is “What is your cheapest wedding invitation?”, we are not the place for you. If you feel that invitations don’t matter and “people just throw them away”, we are not the place for you.

However, if you recognize that your invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will have into your wedding day and that first impressions make a big difference, now we are speaking the same language.

That being said, know that we are not more expensive than other invitation designers. We have worked with many brides on a limited budget to help them achieve the invitation of their dreams by showing them ways to cut costs.

#6  The savvy bride loves a full service, one-stop shopping experience.

For anything that involves paper and personalized items for your wedding, we’ve got you covered.

From engagement party invitations, save-the-date cards, wedding invitations and enclosures, to programs, reception accessories (menus, escort cards, place cards, table cards), welcome kits, thank-you notes, and wedding party gifts, we do it all.

We offer every printing method available, and a myriad of different card stock options. We also offer custom design and calligraphy services.

Why waste time going to multiple places and trying to explain your vision over and over? We make it easy and fun to get it all done, exactly as you want it, in one place.

#7  The savvy bride looks for businesses that follow up, follow through and help keep them on track.

We explain the entire process from start to finish. Once your order is placed, we follow up with the manufacturer to be sure that everything is moving along smoothly. We inform you when your order has shipped and when you can expect it to arrive.

You can rest assured that, once you place your order with us, we will keep you informed of its progress along the way.

We provide you with a timeline for ordering the various stationery pieces that go along with a wedding and send you reminders when these dates are approaching.

We stay on top of the deadlines so that you don’t have to. This way, you won’t miss an important date or be forced to pay rush fees and expedited shipping to get what you want.

Most of our brides and wedding planners think this is one of our best services!

We know you’re busy – let us “sweat the small stuff!”

#8  The savvy bride loves to feel appreciated.

If your wedding order exceeds $2000.00, we will happily stuff, stamp and seal your invitations at no cost to you. When you pick your order up it will be completely ready for you to send to your guests.


How You Can Be Treated Like The Luxury Bride On Your Wedding Day

Relive Photography Stylish Luxury Wedding Photos

Relive Photography Stylish Luxury Wedding Photos

Do YOU want to look like a model from the cover of a magazine on your wedding day?

Do YOU want an experienced photographer that will understand your individual style on your wedding day?

Are YOU scared to be in front of a camera on your wedding day to take pictures and don’t know how to pose?

Do YOU have different photography styles as a couple?

Do YOU want to have a blast on your wedding day with your family and friends?

If you do, our team has the expert knowledge on how to create an amazing wedding day experience. Contact us for your Complimentary Consultation

This is the day that you have been dreaming of since you became engaged..amazing photography capturing every single detail of your dream wedding. The first look, getting ready with your bridal party, your walk down the isle, first kiss, toasts, cake cutting and all of the magical decoration details that you spent years of dreaming of having for your wedding decor. It is a celebration of your love. It is a time to share with your closest family and friends, committing each moment to memory to treasure forever.

It takes a ton of time to plan every little detail for your engagement and wedding day. Whether you are planning from far away or locally and you don’t have lots of hours to research how you will pose for pictures or the exact shots that you would like to have, you don’t have to waste time, with Relive Photography by Laura Parent as your local liaison, you can trust and have complete confidence that you will be guided throughout the entire planning process to get the absolute most out of your photography.

Remember we are the experts that take the time to guide you along and make every minute count. We don’t expect you to figure it out on your wedding day. You are there to have fun and enjoy your most important day. We will guide you on time frames that you will be needed to set aside ahead of time to plan your photography itinerary. That’s right, before the big day.

The design and execution of your wedding day depends greatly on the team of professionals you choose to bring together. Relive Photography will work closely with your entertainment company and event planners. We will meet you so that we can get to know you on a more personal level, gain a complete understanding of exactly how you envision your wedding day, and set a realistic budget. If you are not located in the area and are planning from afar, we can arrange to meet via Skype or phone for your convenience.

Our focus on your wedding day is giving you personal attention while ensuring all the details are coordinated.

Since we are organized and prepared for your wedding day, you will just have to sit back and relax and not think. You, your family and friends will be aware of what is going to happen ahead of time to plan your formals seemlessly and organized so that everyone can swiftly move through the formals process and get onto the party…We will give you the proper tools to make sure that Aunt Sally has not run off to the ladies room at that precise moment holding up the party. What a relief.

Even with all the above accomplished, remember that fabulous weddings do not happen by having friends and family photograph your day. Having someone there on your wedding day that is totally focused on your photography is essential. At times, people think it is a great idea to have their friend or relative help and photograph this very important time. Typically the bride and groom forget that this person wants to have fun and enjoy the day with you and gets swept up in the excitement and miss the most important moments that a professional will not miss. This is most critical to the success of the day and to keeping your sanity intact. Relax, and let us handle the photography for you and tell your friends and family to enjoy drink, eat and celebrate with you.

Your Big Day IS Here – You are so excited to finally be here. Your makeup and hair is perfect, you have all of your closest people around you and you are ready to have a fabulous day. All you have to do is look beautiful and have fun. We will do the rest for you. Then you will have the most amazing images based on your pre-planned style choices which will be edited to the desired look that you would like to achieve. You will go on your long awaited honeymoon and return home to find that you are able to view a fantastic gallery of images online reminding you of the the most amazing day of your life.

Laura parent

Relive Photography
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Bliss Celebrations Guide Magazine Three Page Featuring Relive Photography Wedding

Vintage Backyard Wedding
Vintage Backyard Wedding

Wedding Photography Romantic, High End Bride

Wedding Photography Romantic, High End BrideHigh End Weddings, Luxury Bride, Luxurious Wedding Day