Relive Photography Offers Bridal Registry and Gift Registry

You have too many pots and pans?  Your grandmother handed down her fine china to you?  You already live together as a couple and have EVERYTHING you could ask for?  What do I tell my friends and family when they ask the big question?  Where are you registered?

On my wedding day I truly did not know what to do about a bridal registry.  Everyone asked and I had no answers.  After my own wedding had given me so much experience in finding great ideas and tips, here is one.   Choose Relive Photography as your wedding photographer and you can take advantage of our Bridal Registry.  We make it really easy for your gift givers to go online and securely purchase a gift certificate towards your photography package or products (ie. albums, prints, thank you cards, canvas prints, digital downloads, custom products and more) allowing you to get everything you want from your photography.

Relive Photography Bridal Shower Photography

Relive Photography Bridal Shower Photography

Why does this work so well?  Because you have the ability to offer your guests a way of purchasing a gift for you that is of sentiment.

Help! I registered for some really cool stuff, but now I’m not sure where to put that information on our invitations. Where do I list the stores where we’re registered?
Honestly? You don’t. While it has become somewhat commonplace to see this as part of the invitation package, etiquette says it is not acceptable. It may seem as though it is helpful info, but it appears as though you are saying, “Come to my wedding, bring a gift, and, oh, by the way, here’s where you can get it.” Keep the focus on what this day is all about: your wedding, not the gifts.

Instead, you could build a wedding website and include that sort of info there. Also, make sure your close family members (who will be asked) know where you are registered. They can tactfully pass along the info to those who request it.

What about the shower invitation, you ask? Well, that’s a different story. The purpose of that particular event is to “shower you with gifts,” so by all means, include all of that information in the shower invitation.  That is why Relive Photography understands how exciting the bridal shower is and offers your closest friends and family the option of purchasing gift certificates toward your photography products and packages.