Relive Photography: Newborn Photographer in DFW – Texas Baby Portrait Session

This beautiful baby girl was brought into this world October 27, 2013. I was so thrilled to be asked to be her Newborn Photographer in Fort Worth Texas which was the location for our Baby Portrait session. I was blessed to be able to photograph her with her new mommy and daddy while she posed with the family dog that shyly participated in the images. Of course we did have to get a few images without any clothing as well! Who can’t resist the beauty of a newborn. We used a bit of a theme for the fall season and brought her outside for her first professional shoot and did some adorable posing in various ways that gives a great selection for her mom and dad to have for years to remember her new beginning of life. I just love love love babies and any opportunity to take portraits of them is always such an honor. Here are a few of my favorites of Saylor with her Mom and Dad. Take a look and enjoy!

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas


DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

DFW Baby Photographer Newborn Images in Texas

Our Interview with Allure Invitations – Why the Savvy Bride Chooses Allure Invitations for Luxury Wedding Stationary

Relive Photography by Laura Parent has worked with Allure Invitations to provide our mutual clients with Luxury Invitations that our couples so desperately needed.  Mara of Allure Invitations treat each couple with personalized care and attention and I am always 100% confident that my clients will love her services.  Together we have created some very clever ways to incorporate Photography with Wedding Stationary.  We have some amazing and clever tips to guide our brides in a new and refreshing invitations, favor tags, menu’s, programs, etc.  If that sounds exciting to you, Contact Allure Invitations and Relive Photography to start the process.  You will be so excited to get in on the fabulousness!

I have also included a recent interview with Mara Weiner of Allure Invitations that you must read.

Why the Savvy Bride Chooses Allure Invitations

#1   The savvy bride knows its best to work with the experts.

At Allure Invitations, we LOVE wedding invitations. It’s what we do everyday, and we do it very well.

The world of wedding invitations and wedding etiquette is foreign to most people – and why shouldn’t it be? Given that you’ll likely only do this once, there’s no need to study up on all of the various printing methods, or the many rules and requirements of etiquette to be sure that you don’t commit any embarrassing faux pas or offend any guests. We are experts in invitations, and it’s our pleasure to walk you through the process and create an invitation all of your friends and family will be WOWed by.

#2  The savvy bride loves to be treated special and unique.

Our reputation is built on providing friendly, personalized service that is second to none. We listen to what you like and want, and help you to make that a reality.

For us, helping to create your wedding invitation is not a transaction – it’s the beginning of a relationship. We feel very fortunate to count the brides we’ve helped as our friends.

We love what we do and we have fun doing it. Why shouldn’t you have fun planning your day?

#3  The savvy bride knows 100% money back guarantee = 100% worry-free

If for any reason your invitations are not produced as ordered, they will be fixed. If the problem can not be fixed for some reason, we will take back the invitations and refund your money in full.

We are your front line for resolving any issues that may arise through the process. In fact, in the occasional instance when we have had an order come in wrong, we have had the issue resolved and the order reproduced without the customer even realizing there was ever an issue.

We are FANATICS about details, and you have enough to worry about. Let us handle the troubleshooting for you – that’s what we’re here for!

#4  The savvy bride wants high quality options and styles.

Mara Weiner, owner of Allure Invitations, selects only the newest and highest quality designs, consistently updating what she can offer her clients. She has built strong relationships with many of the top manufacturers over the years, and customer service is second to none.

Based on your preferences, Mara will guide you to exactly the right look; your time is too valuable to waste looking at invitations that don’t fit your needs.

#5   The savvy bride wants invitations that will fit her budget.

We will never be the low-price leader, nor do we aspire to be – we don’t care to be in a race to the bottom. If your first question is “What is your cheapest wedding invitation?”, we are not the place for you. If you feel that invitations don’t matter and “people just throw them away”, we are not the place for you.

However, if you recognize that your invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will have into your wedding day and that first impressions make a big difference, now we are speaking the same language.

That being said, know that we are not more expensive than other invitation designers. We have worked with many brides on a limited budget to help them achieve the invitation of their dreams by showing them ways to cut costs.

#6  The savvy bride loves a full service, one-stop shopping experience.

For anything that involves paper and personalized items for your wedding, we’ve got you covered.

From engagement party invitations, save-the-date cards, wedding invitations and enclosures, to programs, reception accessories (menus, escort cards, place cards, table cards), welcome kits, thank-you notes, and wedding party gifts, we do it all.

We offer every printing method available, and a myriad of different card stock options. We also offer custom design and calligraphy services.

Why waste time going to multiple places and trying to explain your vision over and over? We make it easy and fun to get it all done, exactly as you want it, in one place.

#7  The savvy bride looks for businesses that follow up, follow through and help keep them on track.

We explain the entire process from start to finish. Once your order is placed, we follow up with the manufacturer to be sure that everything is moving along smoothly. We inform you when your order has shipped and when you can expect it to arrive.

You can rest assured that, once you place your order with us, we will keep you informed of its progress along the way.

We provide you with a timeline for ordering the various stationery pieces that go along with a wedding and send you reminders when these dates are approaching.

We stay on top of the deadlines so that you don’t have to. This way, you won’t miss an important date or be forced to pay rush fees and expedited shipping to get what you want.

Most of our brides and wedding planners think this is one of our best services!

We know you’re busy – let us “sweat the small stuff!”

#8  The savvy bride loves to feel appreciated.

If your wedding order exceeds $2000.00, we will happily stuff, stamp and seal your invitations at no cost to you. When you pick your order up it will be completely ready for you to send to your guests.