Rent My Church will Help Find the Perfect Church For Your Wedding and Events in Texas

I am very excited about this great Wedding and Event resource company in Texas and want to share it with all of my clients. Texas has beautiful churches that many people in the area are familiar with or are members with. Unfortunately they are not always available for the event date or a bride and groom are not members of a church… and the search is on! Searching for a Church is daunting and difficult – take the difficult out and go to Rent My Church. In my experience as a professional wedding photographer, many churches have different allowances for photography for an example I am really happy introduce RMC and share this video.

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Rent My Church Events and Wedding Rental

Church Weddings Dallas Texas Professional Photographer creative artistic

Church Weddings Dallas Texas Professional Photographer creative artistic

Their Mission is – Everyone Matters: We believe the church can benefit non-members by opening its doors to the community, which now results in reaching a completely different audience that might not otherwise be reached

The church is a community resource that offers more than a Sunday Service experience. Their goal is to help the church become a resource whose doors are open to welcome non-members. This approach of being a community resource not only showcases your church to an audience who may not have taken a second look at your ministry before finding it on our website. Church rental provides a way for renters that don’t have a church home to not only rent your facility but also gives them a chance to experience community.

Marriage Ceremony: We believe the marriage ceremony is a declaration of love that inspires a couples life together and when those vows are beautifully exchanged within the setting of a church, it further solidifies the sanctity of that union.

Marriage vows are a sacred exchange spoken before family and friends to share in the experience of a couples union. RMC partners with your church to make sure that this sacred ceremony becomes an unforgettable part of the couple’s new life together. Not only do we help with the bride’s selection of the beautiful facility, we can also help with resources for premarital counseling and event planning.