Great Tips and Tricks Timeless Boudoir Photography Fabulous Gift For Your Groom or Bride or Just for You

Great Tips and Tricks Timeless Boudoir Photography Fabulous Gift For Your Groom or Bride or Just for You.  Fine art boudoir photography is one of the timeless beautiful expressions that will last a life time and never ever loose its value.   I love that looking back when we are younger in photos how we reflect on how beautiful we were back then… This will ensure that you will always have a wonderful memory of that time for yourself and your partner in life.

We are providing some fabulous tips and tricks here for you to prepare for your Boudoir Photography Session.  Scroll down for these great tips and feel free to book us and get your fabulous session on the calendar so you can start your preparation.  We provide personal attention to making sure this session reflects your personality and sexuality.

We love our Boudoir Photography so much that we offer privacy of in house printing for your privacy.  No middle man will see your images that may reflect any nudity.  We respect our clients and will not showcase any nude styles on our website as this can be a concern.  So lets have a blast and get your Boudoir booked today!  Contact us for rates and schedule at 469-506-6211 or email me 

Boudoir Photographer Dallas Texas

Outdoor Boudoir with nature is a unique style


Boudoir Photographer Dallas Texas


– On the day itself, try not to leave for the studio at the last minute, it would a shame to start the session all stressed because you were worried you’d be late.

– IF you are preparing  ahead of time with hair cuts, color or new style of makeup – take care to get this all done prior to your shoot by at least one to two weeks.  If any adjustments need to be made you will have time to do so.  If you need to give your hair a quick trim, make sure you do it at least a week and a half before the big day.

– For a Boudoir and any Photography session – avoid any prolonged exposure to the sun during the days before your shoot – unless you go to a tanning booth – do not use any clothing. The tan-lines from swimwear tend to show up and is not flattering in photos

– A useful tip for those who use a professional hair and make-up stylist – get a gorgeous hair style that makes you feel your sexiest.  Great idea – wash your hair the night before the shoot, but do not use shampoo or conditioner. Wash your face in morning as always and simply add your moisturizing cream.

– If you have any skin problems – ie, dry lips, blemishes, etc.  attend to these a week prior to your session

– Get together a few outfits and have a blast picking out the best clothes and the best accessories that are feminine and yet show your style and be sure to try on the whole outfit you choose prior to your personalized session.  Bring various accessories to play with as well.

– Think ahead about hair removal perhaps and also about all the things that could leave your skin with blemishes (have a facial maybe) at least a few days in advance. You know your skin, try and make sure therefore that it won’t be sensitive on the day of the shoot.

Two to three different style outfits should be enough for a boudoir shoot, and for all others a collection would be the same – feel free to tie in a theme.  We offer a fabulous Style Guide to assist in preparing for our many styles of photo sessions (Free when Client Books)

-Make sure that you’ve taken care of both your fingernails and your toenails and go ahead and have them done professionally – bad cuticles and smeared paint shows up in the photos in a big way.

– Please refrain from wearing clothing that is tight on your skin upon arriving to the shoot.  Tight socks, tight bra straps or underwear are not flattering on the skin during Boudoir Sessions.

Boudoir Photographer Dallas Texas Boudoir Photographer Dallas Texas

For Respect of Clients privacy - some photos are not included

For Respect of Clients privacy – some photos are not included