Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

Kara and Dave got Married at the beautiful Room on Main Event Venue Dallas Texas in downtown Dallas.  What touched me so very much about this bride and grooms beautiful wedding was the care and kindness that exuded towards their parents and grandparents.  The most important sentiments for their wedding were as follows:

Something Old – Mother’s wedding veil
Something New – Gown
Something Borrowed – Maternal Grandmother’s diamond necklace
Something Blue – Late Paternal Grandmother’s sapphire ring guards.

The sweetest part of a wedding is to see the joy that is brought together by close families.  Kara and Dave are both individuals that are full of life and excitement that shined through during their engagement session.  So, of course their wedding was the same.  Kara’s mother started the ceremony off with a gorgeous song that was really very moving.  This started the ceremony off with tears and warmth.  The ceremony was beautiful and the Officiant Chris Sideman, came in and married these two.

There were some other details that I must mention are the two “SUPER ADORABLE” Bridal party flower girl and ring bearer.  I mean, take a look at these photos of these two little sweethearts.  A picture perfect couple of children and the gorgeous bride with her sweet Grandmothers diamond necklace being placed on her (see images of this below) and the sweetest Mother and Groom Dance at the end that really touched my heart.  But also take a look at Dave with his pop and hugging him and lastly [huge_it_share]including him in the very cool photo of the grooms party showing off there shoes and socks!

The decor was very elegantly planned to the smallest details by Alex Stein and her wonderful team and below are all of the other Vendor Professionals that worked with us.

Wedding Photography at the Room on Main in Dallas Texas with Relive Photography

Wedding Photography at the Room on Main in Dallas Texas with Relive Photography

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Cake –  Nothing Bundt Cakes – Preston
Nothing Bundt Cakes Dallas Texas

Anita Brown
Elan Makeup Artists Dallas Texas

Stardust Celebrations

Designer: Augusta Jones

Marian Moskalik and Christine Moskalik

Le Force Entertainment
Ed Petty

CN Catering
David Kilpatrick

Sheraton Hotel Dallas Texas Wedding
400 North Olive Street , Dallas TX