For Real Equality Weddings Featured Laura & Amy’s

We are so honored that this amazing wedding site has featured our same sex wedding photography at For Real Equality Weddings Featured Laura and Amys Wedding

Relive Photography wrote, “Two beautiful souls have come together to be married among family and great friends. Their wedding rehearsal dinner was held first at the home in Aubrey Texas with amazing Babes chicken.

Wedding day was so sweet with a chapel wedding at the Little Chapel in the Woods in Denton Texas followed by one of the prettiest wedding decor designed with tons of fabulous florals, a cigar bar, a great Lady Gaga Impersonator that did quite a show!”

Earlier we had posted about there meeting and falling in love! I want to post that again here to give the sense of TRUE LOVE that Amy and Laura have for one another.  My heart melts when I read this and so will yours…

Amy and Laura are renewing their vows in November and wanted to do everything from Engagement Photography session to rehearsal dinner photography and of course wedding day photography. This photo session included their adorable dog and also served as a save the date photography session as well. Their story is so super sweet and embodies “Soul Mate” material. I asked for their story in their words and this is what Laura and Amy shared – (Must read – to awesome not to!)

In Laura’s words:  “It’s hard to contain all of our greatness in a short paragraph :)))))))) let me know what you think. I can condense if you need me to”

Amy and I met (for the first time), about 4 years ago at the resort I worked at in San Antonio. She was a frequent guest of ours, coming and staying for months at a time. I had always known her, as did everyone at the hotel. She was easy to talk to, down to earth, and a breath of fresh air compared to other guests. There was always something about her, I felt. She had this energy that drew you in like the strongest magnet possible and I was a little paper clip, always coming towards her a little at a time. What I didn’t know is that 4 years later I would be higher up in management, and I just happened to be in charge of guests like her, VIP’s we called them. As time went on Amy and I began a working relationship. She would need a room at the last minute, and I would make sure we had it open for her. Amy was dedicated to her job, and just knew me as Laura from the hotel, until that faithful night; I was to take her on a business dinner.

As the stars aligned and God had his way, Amy and I had dinner every night after that. I never imagined I would have a soul mate, let alone find mine to be so amazingly wonderful. We dated for a month…well…45 days as Amy likes to say before we decided to get married in San Francisco on November 22, 2013.

The day we got married was very intimate, it was just her and I and a limo driver that we hired for the day. I wore white, she wore navy and I carried flowers that she picked up from a downtown street flower vendor. It was just about us that day, two soul mates making an everlasting commitment to each other.

This year, on our one year anniversary we will be having the wedding of our dreams. All of our family and all of our friends are so excited to be a part of something so meaningful to us. The ceremony will be held at The Little Chapel In The Woods at the TWU campus (where Amy’s mother and aunt got married), and the reception will be at Ashton Gardens.

Every night, after the day has passed Amy leans over to me and says, “I would marry you again today, would you say yes?” And I respond “In a heartbeat.”


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