Immediate Attention Needed – Clients Please Read

To All of our Valued Clients. Please confirm that any images Relive Photography has taken of you in the last 10 years have been printed or backed-up on a media device that is still operating and accessible today. Please do so within the next 15 days, in order to confirm that you no longer need access to your images or products through the Pictage Professional Photography Labs. Relive Photography is in the process of switching to a much better process that will ensure our clients an amazing experience. If you have orders in the process that are being fulfilled – they will be delivered as planned.

Pictage has just announced that they will be discontinuing the lifetime/extended storage service I have come to put my trust in for archiving wedding and client family images over the last decade. Some of the hard drives that I have used as a double back-up option to the online cloud storage from Pictage have failed, which means if your back-up options also are not working properly, than we both will not have an archive of your wedding or family memories in as little as 30 days time. The only way for me to help you obtain a DVD of files, or any printed images from Pictage, is to let me know within 15 days that you need access to them before they are removed from the Pictage servers.

The most archival version of your images is to have them in print, not in digital form.

It doesn’t matter to me if you print them with Pictage or through another photo lab, but please, if you love them, take the time to print them. Hard drives fail. Cloud services shut down. Power goes out. Prints are the most archival form of photography no matter what the latest digital trend is.

Pictage will continue as a service for photographers and their clients, they have simply announced that they are going to eliminate their archiving service. Because of this, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to double check your own archives in advance of the Pictage archives becoming inaccessible.

Thank you for scheduling time in your next two weeks to double-check the printability of your treasured images. I’m happy to help answer questions and provide solutions if your personal archives are no longer accessible.

If you would like to purchase a dvd of high resolution images within the next two weeks to provide an archival digital backup – please let me know as soon as possible. We will provide a full copy for you of your edited images that were on the server with Pictage for $225. Thank you in advance for your attention.

Thank you Anne Ruthann for your great text.

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