A New Year Brings A New Studio Associate Lyndsy

Introducing Relive Photography’s New Team Member Lyndsy Rausch!

Lyndsy’s BIO:   The arts have been a huge part of my life since I was about 5 or 6. That was when my family was gifted our first crappy keyboard by a family friend. That piece of junk was my favorite thing. I would sit there for hours just pressing keys, marveling at the awful honkey-tonk sounds that came out of it. My mother became eager to get me some lessons, probably to hear something other than non-melodic banging in the house all hours of the day.

My love for the arts is something I’ve always wanted to tie into my career, so my meeting with Laura seemed almost like fate. We instantly hit it off over the phone with a mutual love of animals and all things creative, and here we are! I am so excited to meet with all of you prospective clients and help Relive Photography capture more wonderful moments.

Welcome to Relive Photography Lyndsy, so thrilled to have you on board.

Studio Associate Dallas Texas
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