The Bigelow Chapel at the Mount Auburn Cemetery Artistic Wedding Photographer Relive Photography

Here is a Sneak Peak of Leila and Mikes romantic wedding that included their closest friends and family. Sunny, elegant, and intimate. They were envisioning more of a socializing event with a long cocktail hour and lots of conversation, food and drinks. That is exactly what they had. The Bigelow Chapel at Mount Auburn Cemetery is exquisite and romantic in a really cool gothic way. They then had their reception at the The Boston University Castle Caterers in Boston. This location blended perfectly with the vibe of the Bigelow Chapel. They met in College at the University of Maryland and after 13 years of being together Mike proposed at the Boston Public Garden on Valentines day. “It had been snowing and we went to take a photo of the park. He asked me to get his camera from his bag and it was a ring box”. Take a look at the images from their beautiful wedding. Here they are!

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